It's the 4th time our students have the opportunity to have their work experience abroad. This year they are going to Braga in Portugal. It is a beautiful town full of attractions. Students will have an opportunity to learn about another European's country culture and customs, and also to practice language skills.This year's work experience title is "Per aspera ad astra" - work experience in Portugal as the trampoline to success" and it is a part of the European project called "Work experience for students and graduates of vocational schools and the mobility of vocational schools' staff". It is funded from the European Social Funds, operational programme, knowledge, education and development (POWER). This project is part of Erasmus+.
This is designed for the following groups: physiotherapy technicians, beauty salon technicians and pharmacy technicians. The aim of this programme is to learn about and to compare different educational systems and work skills. Work experience in Portugal will be a fantastic opportunity to use students' skills in new work environment.
Fifteen students are going to take part in the project, five from each group. The participants will undergo the recruitment procedures.
Work experience dates as follows:
1) 6th March - 20th March 2017 - Physiotherapy Technicians
2) 27th Match- 10th April 2017 - Pharmacy Technicians
3) 24th April- 8th May 2017- Beauty Salon Technicians

Altogether eighteen students are going to be chosen (three of which are backup, one student from each group). The participants are going to take part in classes in our school which will teach students about language, pedagogical and cultural aspect of the programme.
Everyone is welcome to a free of charge programme. This is the best chance to improve work skills, excellent qualification that you could add to your CV. Finally, you will gain unforgettable experience.

Fundusze Europejskie Program Wiedza Edukacja Rozwój